September recently facilitated a round table for the BCHRMA on Social Responsibility. The information provided was thought provoking, informative and generated some good conversations among the group attending. Septembers intimate knowledge on the subject brought to the forefront what some organizations are doing to build a culture involving social responsibility, and how people in HR can embrace this as part of their organizations ongoing evolution. I would recommend September and Social Fire Consulting as a great resource on Social Responsibility and what it can mean to your people and your organization.

Dean S. - NRI Distribution

For many years I have volunteered alongside September as she organized an event for students called Women in IT. Women in IT was an Information Technology event hosting workshops for students to inspire them to consider careers in IT. As the chair of the organizing committee September was instrumental to the success of the event. September’s creative ideas and inspiration motivated all who worked along with her, and even though Women in IT is primarily a workshop event the participants also always enjoyed themselves. September’s workshop ideas and social connections made the event very successful, in all of the years that we worked together on the committee. It was many of the lessons that I learned from September that motivated me to become a successful chair of that event myself after September moved on. Based on my past experience with her, I would not hesitate to hire September to coordinate an event for me. Anyone seeking assistance with their events would be well served by having September on their event team.

Stacey M. - School District 73

Watching September perform the duties of organizer of the event instilled in me that BCLC, as an organization, had the capacity to build strong, smart, capable leaders.

Corrie T. - BCLC


Social Fire's founder is September Kuromi.  She started Social Fire to fill a gap in the business community.  Many small and medium sized companies don't put much focus on employee engagement and corporate social responsibility programs, mainly due to lack of awareness or resources.  These companies are missing out on all the benefits these programs have to offer and the community is missing out on what the people in these businesses can provide.

September Kuromi - photo by Soffia GisladottirSeptember's vision is that smaller companies would benefit so much from a few hours of dedicated resources that they will jump to take advantage of a service that helps them get started.

The name Social Fire comes from the image of a perfect community.  There would be lots of people of all ages, lots of greenspace, vibrant businesses, in the centre would be a community hall and outside the hall there would be a firepit with people socializing around it.  A 'social fire', where people relax, share ideas and eat marshmallows.  How does that relate to the company - the vision is that September's skills and connections can help businesses and citizens create the perfect community around them.  Starting in the workplace and moving out.

September has been coordinating successful social and volunteer events since she was a teenager.  Her proudest achievement is the creation of the Discover the World of InfoTech ( conference for high school students.  September chaired the inaugural event in 2001 and it is now in its 10th year, is held over 2 days for 140 students and requires over 50 volunteers.

September resume includes holding fundraising events that have raised $1,000s, coordinating office Christmas parties for over 300 people, representing corporations at the sponsors sustainability initiative (SSI) meetings for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics and implementing employee volunteer programs that have grown and continued for many years.

Social Fire's office is in Kamloops, BC but can deliver its services virtually anywhere in the world.  If you are looking for ideas, or assistance with implementation of your plans, Social Fire has the passion, connections and creativity to bring it all to life.  Call or email to learn more - we welcome opportunities to write articles, give interviews and simply explain the benefits of having your business involved in the community.

For a glimpse into September's world beyond Social Fire - check out her personal blog or her art site (she is artist as well as a consultant)


Social Fire's mission is to leverage your company's unique capabilities in supporting social causes and improve you competitive context.  We do this by:

  • identifying opportunities in your business that will create wealth and improve society
  • increase your community connections, both online and in person, to facilitate better customer communications and viral marketing
  • assisting companies to recognize their employees with fun, meaningful activities
  • educating on the benefits of sustainable business practices and community involvement


  • Honesty and transparency
  • Activities benefit all involved
  • Inclusive
  • Focus on
    • growing the breadth of community involvement
    • delivering tangible value to the client


Social Fire envisions everyone contributing to the best of their ability everyday: in their workplace and in their community. This will create a connected, active community where people and companies support their neighbours and feel responsible for the state of their surroundings.

Every business has the ability to create wealth and improve society.

September Kuromi


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